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Facebook Page Posts – MIX ‘EM UP!

Facebook Page Posts – MIX ‘EM UP!


You created an attractive Facebook page for your business and now diligently post every day. Your followers see post after post about your products, services, events, and everything else there is to know about your business. If you are consistent with your Facebook posts, congratulations! That’s very good. But if your posts are essentially about one subject – your business – it’s not so good.

Consider your Facebook page to be like any other social event. You wouldn’t go to a party and talk non-stop about your business. That would be pretty boring, right? After a few minutes most people would drift away, and that’s exactly what will happen to your followers on Facebook. Social media will work best for your business when you provide useful information AND actually converse with your audience.

It’s not as difficult as it sounds. Here is a 1-2-3 easy strategy for making your Facebook page more interesting to your followers and customers.

There are three basic categories of posts:

1. Product/Service Business
This type of post includes anything and everything directly related to your business such as products, services, events, sales, new customers or employees, etc. You no doubt already write posts such as these, but why not make them more timely and relevant?

For example, if you have a pizza shop and it just snowed in your neighborhood, rather than merely introduce a new pizza flavor, why not present it this way: “Snowed in? We are still delivering! Try our new pizza flavor.”

If you have a medical office you can accomplish more than just awareness with a post like, “Need a quick appointment? We had two cancellations for Thursday morning. Call now if you’d like to come in.”

A bookstore could get in-store traffic while providing a service to customers. “Are your kids off from school today? We have a special holiday storytime scheduled for 11 am this morning. All are welcome.”

You get the idea. Promote your business while offering an additional, helpful perk for customers.

2. News and Information
If you know your customers you also know the things that interest them. Give it to them! You can find information that relates to your business from sources all over the web.
If your customers are mothers of young children, find articles on how to choose a preschool or day care or what are the most highly recommended educational toys and games.

A realtor could share useful information on home maintenance or renovations.

Nearly any business can find an appropriate “How To” video on YouTube. Another method for searching for news is to set up a Google alert based upon keywords relative to your market.

3. Engagement Posts
This is what social media is all about, after all. Converse with your customers and develop relationships so that they become your friends, part of your tribe.

Engagement posts can have absolutely nothing to do with your business. They can be funny quotes or photos, videos, humorous articles, or memes. Anything designed to get a chuckle from your target market, or something that they can obviously relate to, will generally get likes, shares and comments.

On the other hand, you can use these types of posts to promote your business as long as they are fun and elicit a response from your community.

You can take a survey or ask for opinions on various options. Facebook-only coupons are a good way to ensure that your followers remain followers. And don’t forget to ask them to share your posts!

Now that you have a variety of post types how should you use them? We recommend going light on the business promotion posts and heavy on the engagements. Remember, social media should be more SOCIAL than anything else!

Here’s a final idea: Many years ago I produced a quarterly newsletter for a client who sold specialty tools. The content consisted mostly of product news, how-tos, specifications and new introductions. Pretty boring stuff. There was some extra space in one issue so I asked the readers to respond to what I called, “The Great Peanut Butter and Jelly Dilemma.” How should a PB&J sandwich be constructed? Peanut butter on the bottom or the jelly? We received hundreds of responses, and many of them so creative that we had tons of content for subsequent issues, and were able to continue this conversation for a whole year.

Feel free to share this in your Facebook community!