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Constantly creating unique content for your business’ blog and social media accounts can be an exhausting task. Thankfully, that’s where curated content comes in. What is curated content? Anything that’s not created by you or someone on your team that may be helpful or relevant to your business’ industry and/or customers is defined as curated content. Curating content is an effective and time-saving way to fill up your editorial calendar. Here are some simple ways to make shared information sustain the buzz around your brand online.
The Great Time-saver
As was previously mentioned, creating appealing blog posts, articles, social posts and whatever else can be time consuming. The time spent on writing could be taking away from your social life or even running your business effectively. Sometimes your most highly regarded content that you put your heart and soul into doesn’t get the level of engagement it deserves. To combat this, second party content should be used to fill up your editorial calendar. This way your social profiles are filled with content and it would take much less time than writing all the goods yourself.

Not an expert on a relevant topic? You’re in luck…
Whatever industry or industries your business may fall under, it’s likely that nobody is an expert on every little nuance. That’s where content from opinion leaders or experts come in! This could be helpful when trying to fill your suggested 40% of monthly informational content on your social pages. (link to graphic I did). Remember to introduce the curated content in a way that will link back to your product or service. Otherwise, what would be the point of posting it?
Let’s say you own a landscaping business. HGTV posts an article on what to plant when you have a relatively shady outdoor space. If you offer garden design services to your clients this would be a great informational post to share. You could lead into the article reminding your audience that you can create a custom garden design and to “leave the work to us”. That way, the article wouldn’t take away from your business but rather give potential leads an idea before contacting you.

The jokes write themselves
If you’re not much of a jokester, *appropriate* memes are a fun and quick way to get engagement from your audience. I must stress *appropriate*, whatever that may be for you and your brand. If your audience is on the younger side for example you probably have the ability to push the boundaries of taste and language. Just be aware that controversial posts can often yield controversial results.
Now that you have a better idea what curated content is, it’s time to find it. This will certainly depend on your industry, but a good place to start would be mailing lists you are subscribed to, Google alerts or relevant groups either on Facebook or LinkedIn. Wherever it comes from, if it’s relevant to your business and doesn’t take away from what you’re promoting then you should probably post it! With curated content you’ll never have to worry about time gaps in you posting schedule again.


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