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Five years ago I started my journey into the Social Media business and throughout the years I’ve worked with a number of non-profits, charities and religious organizations. One thing they all seemed to have in common was their desperate need for a stronger social media strategy, especially one that they could keep up with.  Unfortunately, smaller non-profit organizations run into some issues with this, either because they don’t see the value of social media or simply don’t have it in the time or budget to have someone working on it on a full time basis. Oftentimes it’s left to someone with little to no experience with social media, which results in less than stellar results.


Countless opportunities to reach a new audience.

People of all ages partake in social media every day. Facebook has become the frontrunner of all social media sites, but there are many thriving, popular online communities where your cause can find a home. You can grow your audience organically or run ads on various social sites to gain enthusiastic followers and donors. It is possible to target your ads towards a local audience, a professional group or anyone who expresses interest in your cause or similar worthy endeavors. And targeting high-income individuals can greatly increase the chances of larger donations.


Brand explosion is just a viral video away.

Who could forget the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? A simple video campaign that challenged friends, colleagues and family members to choose between donating $100 or to drench themselves in icy cold water raised over $115 million dollars for the ALS Association in 2014. What a truly incredible feat.

Of course not every campaign could come close to the success of the Ice Bucket Challenge, but the potential of a viral sensation both to raise money and awareness is always possible. Also, video marketing can help promote your next big event. Creating a unique hashtag attached to all the details about the event can help condense all the information for your followers, and is also a way for you to easily monitor what people are saying. Any amount of buzz around the event through social media is a surefire way to bump up attendance.


Activism made easy.

When someone believes in a cause they tend to share it with their followers and friends over various social networks. Over the years, Facebook has helped facilitate activism and charitable giving through their native apps like “Causes”. As a non-profit with a growing online fan base, it would also be wise to reach out to other relevant non-profits over social media and plan to team up for an event. Smart phones are making it even easier to connect with your audience online. Invest in mobile advertisements for new followers, donations or to promote your next event.


Public relations are in your control.

You know how difficult it is to get the press to cover your organization’s activities and events, and when they do they often get things wrong, or focus on an angle that isn’t helpful. Your social sites are where you can direct and control the information you want the public to know. Social media can be a way to provide your audience with some insight as to where the donations are going and how your activities are improving the local community and the world. It is also a place where the organization can project its integrity and good reputation.

Non-profits, more than any other type of entity, will live or die by how well they are perceived by their supporters. There are countless websites that provide information about how money is allocated for each charity, and the last thing you want is for these websites to be publishing false information and hurt your reputation.  It is unfortunately very common to have the first search term in Google be your company’s name followed by FRAUD. Don’t let this happen. Be proactive with your online presence. It’s better to deal with a social media crisis as it’s happening than after it’s too late to repair the damage.

Now that you are aware that getting your non-profit organization involved with social media marketing can result in a larger audience, more donations and higher public visibility you may want to know how to get started. We can help! Contact Content + Creativity or 610.937.5187 to find out what we can do for you.