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Marketing on social media is the perfect method for realtors to generate leads and interest for their listings. The most successful real estate agents are active on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and most see better results than what they would achieve by mere advertising alone.

Here are some tips to get started.

Create a blog and post on a regular basis.

Although showing the houses you have on the market is important, you also want to disseminate useful information about home buying and selling or home owning. Your goal should be to become an authority in your market and a trusted source of information, as well as the realtor people think of first when they are ready to make a move. Followers of your blog will remember how knowledgeable and helpful you have been and reach out.

Your blog can be a page on your company-provided website or you can set up a free and easily maintained personal page at a site such as Wherever you blog its important to remember to post regular update, even if your posts are fun or timely but have nothing to do with real estate. The content on your blog becomes your material for posting on the social sites.

Post Photos

Use Facebook and Instagram as extensions of your blog. For Facebook, you can create a detailed photo album for each listing. Unlike personal pages, your professional realtor Facebook page should be without any privacy restrictions. That way anyone in the general public can view what you have to offer, and your content is much easier to share.

Instagram is purely visual, so you can be creative with this medium. Post a photo collage or a quick video of your listing. Videos can also be used for testimonials, quick house tips or whatever might be helpful to your followers. Don’t forget to post hashtags so all of your photos and videos can get the exposure they deserve! Some of the many popular hashtags for realtors are #realestate, #forsale, #realtor, #househunting and #homesforsale. It would also be wise to create a unique hashtag for yourself that spans all social platforms. That way it will be that much easier to find all of your listings and important information.


Any realtor will tell you that a large part of success in the industry is due to networking. Not everyone is looking for a house right at this moment, but perhaps in the future they will, or they may run across someone else who will. You want your name to be the first that comes to mind when the opportunity presents itself.

LinkedIn is a great social platform to connect with colleagues or people you’ve done business with in a more professional setting. As with the other social platforms discussed, LinkedIn is an extension of your blog. You want to get in on the conversation on LinkedIn. Join relevant and local real estate groups, respond to questions and mingle with other agents. Also publish your complete blog posts, because your articles become part of the LinkedIn feed and will be seen by many people.

Interact directly with leads

Both Facebook and Google+ are great for interacting with potential leads. Google+ has a tool called Hangout where you can host a video conference. This would be a great way to impart real estate wisdom to potential homebuyers with an even more personal connection than your blog. With Google Hangout coffee shop meet-ups is a thing of the past. Also, this is a great way to meet with a larger number of people at once and not feel like you are taking that much time out of the day to do it.

First step for Facebook is that you should make it a point to have your own professional page for your real estate clients and colleagues to follow. As a part of the millennial generation, I can say for sure that most people my age are more likely to check Facebook before even going to Google. This can be because the ease of Facebook’s search engine or just simply we are always on Facebook.

Facebook is another avenue where you can build the accessibility of your brand. You want to be a realtor that others come to for real estate advice and help. Linking back to your blog posts along with posting relevant curated content is how you establish that accessibility. Being a realtor relies on extremely responsive customer service, so you need to be visible and where your customers are.

Amp it up!

After you become comfortable with your social media marketing you may want to add email marketing to the mix. You can develop your mailing list by offering a free report that is of interest to your audience in exchange for an email address. Advertising on the report on Facebook should result in a growing list of subscribers. Your content could be a newsletter, a personalized market report, or just notices of your new listings and sales.


Do you need a clear social media strategy but don’t know where to start?  We can help design and execute a cohesive brand message that will make you stand out from your competitors. Contact us today at info@contentandcreativity or call us at 610.937.5187 and let’s create a custom social media strategy together.